About Stoneridge

Our students are driven individuals with a proven record in surpassing academic standards who are fully engaged in our academic plan to excel in college enrollment after graduation. We have plans to offer learning platforms to students with both a learning disability and physical disability. We are a student-focused and result driven private school that provides individualized learning and experiences for all students.

Mission & Vision

Stoneridge Preparatory School commits to cultivate entrepreneurship skill sets to prepare our students to advance worldwide as global citizens.

Our vision is to provide an educational opportunity for students from diverse cultural backgrounds with varying degrees of academic achievement. We promote an environment that shapes our students to be confident and creative builders of their future. Our curriculum reaches across all students to embrace academic challenges with openness, enthusiasm, and perseverance. We foster an exemplary learning community that inspires students to respect individual differences and community values.

Stoneridge Preparatory School is an exceedingly competitive private school that will become the primary choice for both parents and students.


Stoneridge History

Stoneridge Preparatory School was founded in 1965, it has provided high quality education since its inception. Mrs. Maria Arnold has been the owner and Principal since the establishment, and she has devoted her life to guide and support all young men and women who enroll at Stoneridge.

Career Opportunities

Stoneridge Preparatory School has some openings in our Fontana Campus. Advancement opportunities and a supportive atmosphere welcome you!

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