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Entrepreneurship Program

Our long term goal is to help our students be more adaptive and successful in the global environment and society in the future. Entrepreneurship skill sets are critically important for students no matter what career path they choose and should be cultivated at youth. Stoneridge provides a well established support system for our inspiring young entrepreneurs to develop creative and innovative ideas. Program staff members will incorporate entrepreneurship elements into coursework, activities, and internship experiences. Students are allowed to work individually or group a team to start their business journey. The school has strong partnerships with top universities, fortune 500 companies, venture capitalists, and accelerators to facilitate student’s learning progress.

The process includes:
  • Develop the Idea
  • Market Research
  • Industry Analysis
  • Funding and Financing
  • Product Development
  • Marketing Strategies
  • Business Plan

Global Program

Global vision is a growing topic among top schools around the world. Stoneridge is dedicated to connect with global educators, institutes, and organizations to provide our students opportunities of studying and traveling abroad. The program is typically set up for summer and winter break. Application starts every school year in February and September. Our students have explored Europe, Asia, and other continents engaging various cultures, history, and technology. They usually travel in a class size of 15 to 20 students depending on the program specifics. The local hosts and Stoneridge staff work closely to ensure the experience is safe and educational. We hope Stoneridge students can carry on their experiences from other countries to cultivate global citizenship spirits.

College Counseling

Our students work with College Counselors at the start of 9th grade. Our college counseling experts recognize each student’s specific needs and goals at an early stage and walk through the whole process until the end. The college planning and application is a long journey that requires our counselors to work closely with students and families to provide support, information, and professional guidance. Because all of our college counselors have been in the field for several years, it’s not necessary to work with additional counselors. It is vital for our students to find a school that fits them the best rather than looking for a best ranked school.


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AP Exams


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Frederick Anders

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Our College Counselors

Cynthia Jackson

Senior College Counselor with more the 15 yrs. of experience.

Robert Moore

Senior College Counselor with more the 10 yrs. of experience.

Anita Gomez

Senior College Counselor with more the 8 yrs. of experience.

Cathy Barns

Junior College Counselor with more the 5 yrs. of experience.

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